Three Small Fires
Ice Cream
In Ice Cream, the three members of Turner Prize* simultaneously performed three webcam shows; visitors to the site chose whomever they would like to perform for them. Each performer was holding an ice cream cone, licking the ice cream only when a visitor clicked a button marked “lick”. Depending on the number of visitors and the frequency with which they instruct the artists to “lick," each performance was at times a nauseatingly overindulgent durational piece, an innuendo-laden cam-girl/boy show, and a sad, sticky, drippy scene.  
The work highlights the tendency for sophisticated technologies to be used for moderately entertaining or mundane ends. "Interactivity" is reduced to button-clicking, with each click producing a fairly predictable and unspectacular effect. Despite these parodic constraints, the resulting performance was drastically altered through the degree of viewer interaction. 
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