Turner Prize* was a Regina, Saskatchewan based artist collective that operated between 2008-2012.
As the entity Turner Prize*, artists Jason Cawood, Blair Fornwald and John G. Hampton explored the mysterious, social, and translative properties of the "creative act." Their work explored the intangibility of dreams, ideas and histories through their origin (dreamers, artists, and events) and their destination (images, writings and other representations). It is the interstices, the shifts and intangible spaces between ideas and representations, which motivated their practice. Their investigations into this liminal space utilized the language of dream analysis and interpretation, ritual and magick, and appropriated the aesthetics of mid-century pop psychology and psychedelia. Formed in early 2008, the Regina-based collective presented performance, photography, and installation across Canada and the United States, including: Golden Jubilee (Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina 2012), A Branch is too Big to Come out of a Twig (Gallerywest, Toronto 2012), Invocation of the Hidden Secret (Open Space, Victoria, LIVE Biennial, Vancouver and Latitude 53, Edmonton 2011 and Queer City Cinema, Regina 2010), Mind the Gap! (Ottawa Art Gallery, 2011 and Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina 2009), Summer of Dreams (Videopool, Winnipeg 2009), in//stall (Lane Level Projects, Regina 2008), and Infinite Exchange Gallery (ZERO1 Biennial, San Jose, 2008). Their first exhibition was "Early Works" at Fifth Parallel Gallery in 2008.
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