A Branch is Too Big to Come Out of a Twig

a collaboration with Steve Reinke

In March, 2012, the Saskatchewan-based artist collective Turner Prize* visited artist Steve Reinke in his Chicago studio in order to extract texts from his subconscious. Reinke participated in three mechanically-assisted dream simulation sessions, wherein he described scenarios, thoughts, and images with Turner Prize*. Images and scenes evoking Reinke’s visions were enacted for video and photography, which in turn were edited and/or modified by Reinke. The resulting work, A Branch is Too Big to Come Out of a Twig, is a collaborative exploration of the transformative act of interpretation, a reenactment of the creative process, a self-indulgent day dream, and an exercise in automatic writing diluted through long-distance exchange. In short, it is a fairly inaccurate portrait of Reinke’s subconscious. 
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